Software/Artificial Intelligence

It is possible load and execute some Software/AI of this site in your browser. If you decide to run the Software/AI from this site you must be aware of a few things. The Software/AI is primarily provided via the code & API. It depends on your hardware (pc, phone, tablet, etc.) and your OS (windows, macos, linux, etc.) as well as the software, (up-to-date) drivers, browser, and the samples or parameters provided to the Software/AI if the Software/AI will execute properly or not. It can occur that your browser, operation system or even device will freeze attempting to execute the Software/AI.

If you attempt to or execute Software/AI provided via this website you accept that the creator of the website/software/AI is not responsible for any damage that comes forth from attempting to or executing the Software/AI.

The Software/AI is for research purposes only and may not be used otherwise.

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